For the duration of the 2020 Redline track day season Motomeccanica will be offering a full suspension and bike set up service to all Redline participants who want to unlock the full potential of their machine.

Modern motorcycles are very powerful, some even have an ability to produce in excess of 200hp. This resultant power output exerts unimaginable forces to a motorcycle chassis and tyres. Add to this the equally powerful brakes and we have an incredible machine. The only thing controlling these forces and keeping the tyres on the ground is the suspension, often overlooked, sometimes neglected.

Modern suspension is highly advanced. Developments in racing has given production machines a level of sophistication equal to that of not so distance past factory bikes – only without the exotic materials.

The key to track speed isn’t simply more power, it’s the available level of grip and the ability to round the corner faster. Anyone can sit upright, tucked behind the screen, going full gas shifting the gears. Finding the right combination of geometry, spring rates, oil levels and damping settings is the key that will unlock the real potential. Suspension is often thought of as a dark art, WRONG!! It’s not witchcraft. With the correct rider approach, methodically working alongside knowledgeable, thinking technician, the results can be very satisfying.

I can help you go faster, if as a rider you want to explore the advanced equipment you have bolted on the bike, then I can help, I’ll even explain why the feeling is better if you want to learn for yourself.

My name is Nick Mundy, an incurable motorcyclist. My career started back in 1975 with schoolboy trials, moving on to British and World championship Enduro, I still currently race Vets Motocross, and a recreational road track rider.

I have worked as a technician in BSB and WSBK spanning 8 years working alongside riders such as Dean Thomas, Sean Emmett, Dave Jefferies, Vittoriano Guareschi, Scott Smart, and others – my role was data acquisition/analysis and suspension.

I will have full workshop facilities trackside enabling me to make spring changes to forks and shock to suit you weight and riding style, (subject to availability). If required I can service suspension trackside and carry out repairs such as leaking fork seals, etc. This complemented with my full workshop facility in Leeds. Motomeccanica also has the full factory support of Ktech suspension allowing me to offer a solution to any problem via their massive inventory and resource.

For now, this is just an introduction so in the coming weeks as the 2020 season draws near, I will be posting price lists for 2020 and a discount for Redline and Motomeccanica riders, and an enquiry form. If you need any help in the meantime my phone number is 07769674819, email, or follow Facebook @motomeccanicauk.