Track Day Events FAQ


  • How to book a track day event with Redline?

  • How to pay for a track day event?

    If you choose to pay deposit only, outstanding balance must be paid latest 8 weeks prior to the event. You will receive a gentle reminder by email and/or call for that.

  • What’s included in the track day event package?

    • Track day time;
    • Bike transportation;
    • Accommodation.

  • What are bike drop-off and collection points?

    • Swindon, Darlington, Sheffield, Basildon.

  • When are the dates announced for drop-off and collection?

    • Usually 4 weeks prior to the track day event by email or on Facebook.

  • Can you organize private pick-up/return for my bikes?

    • Yes, that can be arranged for extra cost.


  • Do you provide accommodation?

    Yes, accommodation is included in the track day event package.
    Example: 3 days event comes with 3 days of accommodation;
    1st day: Night before the track day;
    2nd day: Night of the 1st day on track
    3rd day: Night of the 2nd day on track.

  • Are rooms’ single or double occupancy?

    You can choose to share a room with a fellow rider or stay on your own for extra cost.

  • Can I book extra days for accommodation?

    Yes, you can book extra days for extra cost, let us know your extra days while booking your track day event.

  • Do I have to pay for accommodation?

    It’s included by default but you can opt out if you want to do your own arrangements, means then you will only pay for track time as well as bike transportation.

  • Can I bring friends and family?

    Yes, non-rider friends and family need to pay for extra accommodation.

  • Can I bring a 2nd bike?

    Yes, we can provide you an extra stillage space for extra cost.


  • Can I buy tyres at the circuit?

    Yes, only if you pre-order with us 10 days prior to the event.

  • Can I get my bike suspension adjusted or tyres changed at the circuit?

    Yes, support services will be available at the circuit throughout the track day event.

  • Will there be photography on the track day?

    Yes, photography service will be available at the circuit throughout the track day event.

  • Do you provide track day tuition?

    Yes, free tuition will be available at the circuit throughout the track day event.

  • Can I bring my fuel cans with in the stillage?

    No, we will provide you an empty (at a rental charge) or full (for extra cost) fuel can in the morning on the 1st day on track. Fuel cans must be returned on the last day of the event.

  • Will there be fun races at the track day event?

    Depends on the circuit, there might be fun races (rolling start) for all groups (novice/intermediate/advanced) usually on 2nd and/or 3rd day, you may participate (make sure your insurance policy covers racing) or opt out. If you opt out, you will still have your track time and start your session from pit lane after rolling start has been completed.

  • Do I have to pay for garage space?

    Depends on the circuit there might be an extra charge to secure a spot in the garages. If that’s the case, you will be informed upfront. Extra charge will be collected per bike for the event on the 1st day on track at the circuit.

  • Do you run Chrono (timed) track day events?

    Yes, original group you booked initially (example intermediate) may change end of 1st day on track and throughout the event for safety reasons based on your lap times. You will receive a transponder to stick on your bike at the registration.

  • Will food and drinks available throughout the track day events?

    Free breakfast (9.30am), lunch (11.30am) and coffee/tea will be served by Redline throughout the events. Free beer (prosecco for ladies) will be also available end of each day. Further food and drinks can be purchased from the cafeteria/restaurant at the circuit.


Information about the track day event:

You will receive an email approximately 10 days prior to the event with following information;

  • Address details of the hotel and circuit;
  • Check-in/out times for the hotel;
  • Drop-off and collection schedule and locations for bike transportation;
  • Manifest to fill in for bike transportation;
  • Stillage safety guidelines for bike transportation;
  • Running schedule for the event and support services;
  • Additional information if needed.

For some reason if you did not receive an email, please contact us by phone or on Facebook.


Registration / 1st day on Track:

Registration will take place in the hotel reception and/or at the circuit between 6 and 8pm in the evening prior to the 1st day on track. Alternatively you can also register in the following morning from 8 to 9.30am at the circuit.

We will issue you with a wristband to get on the circuit, please keep this on for the duration of the event.  We will have forms for you to complete to sign on but please ensure you have your insurance documents with you. We will issue you with all the details about track access and running schedule / order at the registration.

You must attend the riders briefing in the morning on the 1st day on track. There will be only 1 riders briefing, covering all days you are riding. You will be issued with a separate wrist band or sticker to put on your bike.  If you lose it, please inform us immediately.

When your session starts, you will have 3 sighting laps beyond an instructor and receive a check on your sticker.


Please bring following documents to registration:

  • Passport;
  • Track day Repatriation Insurance (hard/paper copy).


Unloading bikes at the circuit:

It’s usually in the morning (from 7am onward) at the circuit on the 1st day.

If the circuit allows us to unload in the evening prior to the 1st day on track, then we will inform you accordingly.  When unloading, please take a note of your stillage number.