Track Day Events FAQ


06/04/2021 – ATA Carnet / Manifest – Redline Transportation

As you may already know an ATA Carnet (import/export document) is required for Redline to transport your bikes to European events.

Good News is we will sort out those documents on your behalf, however there will be an associated cost, £40 per event/rider (ATA Carnet Fee) will be included in your booking (bike transportation option) If you book an event with us on 7th June 2021 and after.

On the downside an ATA Carnet must be very detailed that means when you fill out your “Manifest” file, you have to list every single item in your stillage and provide their “Description/Quantity/Weight/Value/Country of Origin/Good Types ID”. Unfortunately these are the rules now and we have to comply!

Hence we require all Redline Customers to fill out and submit their “Manifest” file per event/rider on our website latest 4 weeks before the bike drop off date for every track day event!

Please follow the steps below to submit your “Manifest File”:
  • Go to My Account / Orders and log in with your “Username/Email” and “Password”;
  • Click on your “Your Track Day Event Order #” or “View” (example: RIJEKA | 11/12/13 JUNE 2021);
  • Scroll down and find “MANIFEST” section for your track day event (example: RIJEKA | 11/12/13 JUNE 2021);
  • Click on “Download Manifest Template” and download the spreadsheet file;
  • Open the file with Microsoft Excel and fill it out after reading the instructions carefully;
  • Save the file as “YOURFULLNAME” on your computer;
  • Click on “Upload” function in “MANIFEST” section and submit your file;
  • When upload is completed, you will see your file in “1.ORDER#_YOURFULLNAME_RANDOMNUMBER” format on our website and YOU ARE DONE!
Prerequisites and Best Practices:
  • You will need a PC/notebook to submit your “Manifest File”;
  • You will need Microsoft Excel or similar (One Drive or Google Drive) to be able to edit/save the “Manifest File”;
  • You can re-submit your “Manifest File” as many times as you want before THE DEADLINE, just delete the old file first and then re-submit;
  • Do NOT forget to bring 2 printed copies of your “Manifest File” to bike collection point!


  • How to book a track day event with Redline?
  • How to pay for a track day event?

    If you choose to pay deposit only, outstanding balance must be paid latest 90 days prior to the event date. You will receive a gentle reminder by email and/or call for that.

  • How to pay with store credit vouchers?

    • Go to My Account / Store Credit and log in with your “Username/Email” and “Password” to see your store credit voucher;
    • If you do NOT remember your password, please use Lost your Password? function;
    • Copy your store credit voucher and paste/use it at the check-out (look for “APPLY COUPON” box after you added your track day event to the basket).

  • What’s included in the track day event package?

    • Track day time;
    • Bike transportation;
    • Accommodation.

    Flights and Car Hire are NOT included! You have to make your own arrangements.

  • What are bike drop-off and collection points?

    • Barnsley
    • Bedale (subjected to availability / numbers)
    • South Mimms
    • Swindon (subjected to availability / numbers)

  • When are the dates announced for drop-off and collection?

    • Usually 2-3 weeks prior to the track day event by email or on Facebook.

  • Can you organize private pick-up/return for my bikes?

    • Yes, that can be arranged for extra cost.

  • Do I need an insurance to attend the track day event?

    • Yes, it’s mandatory to have a track day repatriation insurance valid in the destination country/circuit for the duration of the track day event. We are not officially allowed to recommend a specific insurer but check Assuretonsport, RBG Insurance, Bemoto and similar.


  • Do you provide accommodation?

    Yes, accommodation is included in the track day event package.
    Example: 3 days event comes with 3 days of accommodation;
    1st day: Night before the track day;
    2nd day: Night of the 1st day on track
    3rd day: Night of the 2nd day on track.

  • What accommodation options are available?

    • No Accommodation: No accommodation provided, you need to book your own.
    • Rider Shared Accommodation (twin room): You will share a room with another rider booked on the same track day event. NOT your wife, partner, kid or guest!
    • Single Supplement/Non-Rider Shared (double room): Use this option if you like to have the room for yourself and/or share it with your wife/partner/guest (non-rider).
    • Extra Night Stay/Rider Shared (twin room): Use this option to book an extra night or two sharing a room with another rider booked on the same track day event. NOT your wife, partner, kid or guest!

  • Can I bring a 2nd bike?

    Yes, we can provide you an extra stillage space for extra cost.


  • Can I buy tyres at the circuit?

    Yes, but tyres must be ordered at the latest 10 days prior to the Track Day Event date.
    Check out our Online Tyre Shop

  • Can I get my bike suspension adjusted or tyres changed at the circuit?

    Yes, support services will be available at the circuit throughout the track day event.

  • Will there be photography on the track day?

    Yes, photography service will be available at the circuit throughout the track day event.

  • Do you provide track day tuition?

    Yes, free tuition will be available at the circuit throughout the track day event.

  • Can I bring my fuel cans with in the stillage?

    Yes, only if EMPTY and made of metal, but we will also provide you an empty (at a rental charge) fuel can in the morning on the 1st day on track. Fuel cans must be returned on the last day of the event.

  • Will there be fun races at the track day event?

    Depends on the circuit, there might be fun races (rolling start) for all groups (novice/intermediate/advanced) usually on 2nd and/or 3rd day, you may participate (make sure your insurance policy covers racing) or opt out. If you opt out, you will still have your track time and start your session from pit lane after rolling start has been completed.

  • Do I have to pay for garage space?

    Depends on the circuit there might be an extra charge to secure a spot in the garages. If that’s the case, you will see it as an extra option on the event booking page.

  • Do you run Chrono (timed) track day events?

    Yes, original group you booked initially (example intermediate) may change end of 1st day on track and throughout the event for safety reasons based on your lap times. You will receive a transponder to stick on your bike at the registration.

  • Will food and drinks available throughout the track day events?

    Free beer (prosecco for ladies) will be also available end of each day. Further food and drinks can be purchased from the cafeteria/restaurant at the circuit.


Information about the track day event:

You will receive an email approximately 10 days prior to the event with following information;

  • Address details of the hotel and circuit;
  • Check-in/out times for the hotel;
  • Drop-off and collection schedule and locations for bike transportation;
  • Stillage safety guidelines for bike transportation;
  • Running schedule for the event and support services;
  • Additional information if needed.

For some reason if you did not receive an email, please contact us by phone or on Facebook.


Registration / 1st day on Track:

Registration usually takes place at the hotel reception between 6 and 8pm in the evening prior to the 1st day on track and/or in the morning next day from 7.30am onwards at the circuit.

You need to provide us with your completed “Redline Waiver” and “Circuit Disclaimer” documents alongside a PAPER copy of your insurance.

Please remember to print all registration documents (including your insurance) that shared with you as part of our “Final Instructions” email prior to the event, fill them out and bring them with you.

Upon completion of event registration, you will be issued helmet stickers (1 for the event and 1 for your riding group) and given your transponders to put on your bikes.

You must attend the riders briefing in the morning on the 1st day on track. There will be only 1 riders briefing, covering all days you are riding.

The riding groups will be shuffled in the evenings based on your lap times.  

Do not forget to visit Redline garage to check your new group and collect your new helmet sticker next day, otherwise you will be refused to enter the track.

For your safety and that of other riders on track please lock-wire your sump plug, oil-filter, and oil filler cap and/or make sure they are properly tightened.

Always run basic safety checks on your motorbike before you go on track to avoid loss of track time.


Unloading bikes at the circuit:

It’s usually in the morning (from 7am onward) at the circuit on the 1st day.

If the circuit allows us to unload in the evening prior to the 1st day on track, then we will inform you accordingly.