Rijeka | 31/01/02 May-June 2024

Rijeka | 31/01/02 May-June 2024


Standard package includes, 3 days track time, 3 nights (30/31 May and 01 June) of accommodation (two ‘riders’ sharing a room) and transportation of 1 bike from a designated UK collection point to the circuit.

Track time: 4 groups format, 20 minute sessions. This event will also feature a 2 hour endurance race as well as sprint races. (a racing license is not required.) No panic, if you opt out racing, you will still have your track time and start your sessions from pit lane after race starts have been completed.

Please use the following options to customize your trip and fill in the rider details below to complete your booking.

Bedale and Swindon Drop-Offs are subjected to availability / numbers.

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